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How WIA Helps Kids Succeed


WIA's curriculumis college preparatory including STEM, International Baccalaureate, Chinese, and Spanish.


Learning Opportunities:

WIA students participating in Online eductation

WIA offers the best of private schools but without the tuition and the opportunity to learn alongside a diverse community.

Unique Learning Opportunities


  • Small class sizes

  • Early foreign language learning of Chinese and Spanish

  • STEM project based curriculum

  • International Baccalaureate

Focused Instruction examples:

WIA students are in an assets based learning culture

Morning message, ABC study, Word Study, Read-aloud, social skill conversations, math workshop, problem solving, shared reading/writing, and/or drama. 

Discover Centers:

WIA students are always in a safe-secure classroom

Math, Writing, Art Studio, Sand, Water, Drama Center, Painting, Big Blocks, Small Building, Science/Nature, Light Table, and Reading. Centers may be teacher selected and/or student choice with an emphasis on inquiry. This time will also include guided reading/conferencing and teacher led small group activities. Center materials and activities will be purposefully designed to maximize inquiry exploration and understanding.

Outdoor Classrooms:

WIA outdoor classroom area

Students will explore learning centers in the courtyard as they would in the indoor classroom. Outdoors will increase focus on nature, environmental studies, science, and physical activity; and may also include neighborhood/nature walks. 

Math Science Investigations (MSI):

WIA students are in an assets based learning culture

MSI is where students work with a bin of building materials on concepts such as design, balance, structure, shape, size, measurement, problem solving, and reflection.

Art and
Fine Motor Instruction:

WIA students doing artwork

Students will experience a weekly drawing lesson which focuses on drawing shapes and combining shapes to make pictures. They will work on developing eye-hand coordination, artistic ability, listening, and creativity through guided, focused lessons and follow up activities.


WIA students weekly reflection time

Reflections is dedicated time to what children discovered/accomplished during center time. Students may share, pose questions, form conclusions, or make plans for further learning. Teachers will assess student dialog, interests, and formulate next steps. When more than one staff is available, one staff guides reflection time on the carpet, the other staff runs guided reading with individuals/small groups. 

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