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Frequently Asked Questions

As an independent charter school, WIA provides a free public education to children from all schools districts, meaning that it does not charge tuition like private schools or require household income qualifications like choice schools, so it is accessible to all children who apply.

Bilingual Communication

If you would like to access this Wisconsin Innovation Academy website in Mandarin or Spanish, please contact the school.

A WIA parent getting her son ready to go to school
Why do Parents Choose Charter Schools?
  • Parents know the strengths and weaknesses of their children best and will act in their children’s best interests

  • Families are interested in reinforcing their family values in their children, and will look for schools that accommodate the values they practice at home

  • Parents tend to place the best interests of their children at the forefront of their concerns

  • Overwhelmingly, parents say that choosing charter schools is simply about being the appropriate “fit”. When children enjoy going to school and are engaged in meaningful learning, that’s what really makes parents happy. Parents want their children to be motivated and to have solid relationships with their teachers and classmates

Source: Pennsylvania Coalition of Charter Schools 

Transportation options will be available for qualifying students.

Is Student Transportation Available?

Getting to and from school safely everyday is so important that student transportation options will be available for qualifying students to supplement parent provided transportation to and from school. For safety, all drop-offs and pick-ups will be on Cathedral Avenue on the South side of the WIA campus where staging areas will be provided on campus to reduce on-street congestion at drop-off and pick-up times. The extent of WIA’s student transportation availability will be based on factors such as special education needs, whether the local school district of residence provides student transportation, and parent/guardian availability for liability when students are picked up and dropped off at home or another agreed upon location with adult supervision.

Teacher helping students with after school activity

Are there Before and After School Activities?

Before and after school activities will be arranged based on student interest, parent request, transportation, and available staffing. Example learning activities are pre-teaching as needed, clubs, and sports activities. 

WIA teacher holding school door for children

How are Holidays & Absence managed?

Holidays will be observed as days off from school per the annual school calendar. Absences will be by exception only based on advanced notice from parents. Repeated absences may result in Saturday school until regular attendance resumes. 

WIA students having lunch that is provided by an outside vendor.

Is Breakfast and Lunch available?

Lunch will be provided by an outside vendor(s) and breakfast will be provided as needed. 

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